The Importance of Pool Safety Fences

Pool Safety Fences

Pool safety fences are extremely important as the weather warms up and more people plan to go swimming to stay cool. There are many threats to children and pets near a pool, including their inability to swim, inconsistent adult supervision, slippery surfaces, and toys or small objects that can cause[…]

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Choosing the Best Wood for a Backyard Fence

Best Wood for a Backyard Fence

Building a fence can add value to your home, protect your property from pests, and add tremendous beauty. You’ll end up getting the most out of home improvements like fencing if you understand what goes into selecting the best wood for a backyard fence. Here are a few things you[…]

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Top 8 Modern Wood Fence Design Ideas

Wood Fence Design

  There’s something aesthetically pleasing about a beautifully-designed wooden fence around a home. More and more modern homes are incorporating different styles of wooden fencing that look appealing and increase the value of your home. The great news is, you have a wide swathe of shapes, sizes, and stains to[…]

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4 Reasons to Choose Ornamental Iron Fences

ornamental iron fence

  Debating which type of fence to install in your yard? There are a ton of great options, but there are a few reasons why an ornamental iron fence may be the ideal choice. Wondering if you should invest in an iron fence? Keep on reading to find out why[…]

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Tips to Power Wash Your Wooden Fence

Wooden fence front view.

As summer is nearing an end, you may be cleaning up your yard for the final time before the fall descends upon us. That includes putting away patio furniture, stowing away the barbeque, and likely some fence cleaning. When it comes to wooden fences, they can be a little temperamental—so[…]

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